A Holistic Approach At Cancer Treatment Centers of America

DSCN0918Piano CTCAAugust 9, 2014


After a lot of research, I believe I have found a place that combines Eastern and Western, treatment,  medicine and healing!  At Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy are combined with a Naturopathic approach to treatment along with Acupuncture, Massage therapy, Reiki, and pastoral services.  At the CTCA location in Goodyear AZ there’s even an organic farm that produces lots of the fruits and vegetables that are used in the Center’s own Cafeteria! There’s also a piano on the ground floor of the building, and music is so powerful and healing as well!


I am grateful that Dr. Keohan, my oncologist at MSKCC in NYC, has agreed to work with the oncologist in AZ who will be taking on my case.  It’ll be a short stint in AZ, but the travel from Cali to AZ will be a lot shorter.  This is important should side effects of chemo start getting stronger.  Plus, CTCA also arranges transportation to and from the airport in Phoenix, as well as transportation from our hotel to the CTCA location.  This definitely helps minimize the stress of planning logistics!


I’m thankful for the holistic approach to healing that CTCA employs. New Drs. will join my team of Drs. in New York, and we will all be reaching the finishline together!







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