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3 thoughts on “Return To My Main Site

  1. Hello,
    The girls would like to thank you for the volleyballs and Kaidyn and I will use the Rugby ball when the weather is nice. Good to hear your recovery is going well and it was nice to see John.


  2. I was checking out your website and my daughter Lynn said “I remember her, she was nice. We played a game.” I asked what game? Lynn said “Fishing and she can’t see”

    Thanks for the fun memories!

  3. Hello Ivonne. Thanks for your kindness while I was serving out there in Chula Vista. I had a great time and I must say that it was capped by your warmth and humor! I pray that our paths cross once again in the near future. I will be looking out and praying for you as you continue to be an inspiration in future Games. Thanks again!

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