Surgery Day


November 24, 2014


I’m up early this morning, 3:30AM.  It feels like the night was a long night though I didn’t sleep much.  Actually, the feeling is similar to that of the night before a marathon, or a major competition/event.  To ease and quiet my mind I opted for a little meditation session led by Deepak Chopra.


The sutra/mantra for today, Monday, is “I am That.” This incompasses a lot:

I see others in myself and myself in others

• My spirit is not only in me but in all other beings and everything that is.

• Everybody is a reflection of myself.

• When I look at the universe, I am looking in my mirror.

• I am a person in a hall of mirrors where I see myself for miles and every reflection I see is of myself, but appears different.

• I see what others see.

• I feel what others feel.

• I am the qualities I admire most in others.

> Others reflect the qualities I cherish in myself.


For me, in a positive frame of mind some of the qualities these statements make me think about are joy, piece, love, kindness, good health, strength, stamina, determination, calmness, trust, organization, faith, hope, courage, and the image of Warrior pose in yoga! Feeling, thinking, and visualizing all of these things going into surgery will cary me into, through and out of surgery!  It’s about the will to survive, the will to live in order to share, touch, Inspire, Learn, Empower and Change! I will be a different person post surgery and I am ready and excited to meet that new person!


Next, the actual time for meditation.  Meditating brings about a quietness that calms the mind, which is so wonderfully relaxing!  It’s soon time to head to the hospital, check in, and settle in with Doctors and nurses.


My parents (Consuelo and Cristobal), my husband (John), my sister (Sandra), and Lydia and Derick (who came in from MN) are here to accompany me throughout the day today.  I am humbled and grateful for their love and support!


I’ll be thinking of all the positive thoughts and energy the universe is sending my way today and in the future days to come!