Rebuilding Begins


Ivonne and John At The Orange Trees At The Olympic Training Center

Ivonne and John At The Orange Trees At The Olympic Training Center

December 09, 2014


We are back home in sunny California!  The warmer weather and beautifully warm sunshine feel so wonderful! I’m starting to go for some walks now, and am soaking in all the vitamin D I can.  It’s incredible how well the human body responds in comfortable temperatures and sunshine.  Interestingly, there is research that shows that exposure to sunshine post surgery can decrease the amount of pain medication individuals may use after surgery.  Vitamin D is also important as it is needed to maximize the uptake and use of other vitamins and minerals in your body including Vitamins A, C, and E – to name a few.


Today we took a walk around the Olympic Training Center.  We made our way out to a section that is like a mini orange orchard…Well it’s fun to think of it as an orchard.  The oranges are amazing – plump full of sweetness!  John and I gathered up a couple so we could have a healthy sweet snack after our walk – not to mention that oranges are rich in vitamin C!  Oranges are a fantastic and natural way of getting pure vitamin C into your system.  Plus, there’s also research that has found that taking vitamin C before and/or after surgery can speed up recovery by up to 50%!  What a simple way of reducing costs of hospital stays and medications!  Let’s toast to nature for giving us what we need to heal!  For more tips on post surgery recovery, check out this great article by Dr. David Williams: “Five Steps To Speed Recovery From Surgery”.



I am so greatful to the universe, to mother earth, and to the “higher Being” above who provides us with such wonderful things in life!