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Be A Part Of My Journey To The 2016 Paralympics and beyond!

From training, to travel, to lodging, to race entry fees, competing in triathlons, track meets, and road races is quite expensive for any athlete. Since I am blind, I need to rely on a sighted guide to help me race and compete safely and confidently. This means that racing expenses are nearly twice as much.


To-date, I have been fortunate to find training partners and guides who volunteer their time to workout and race with me! Often this involves a guide driving, traveling, making babysitting arrangements, or taking time off work to meet me, and they do so on their own time. Above and beyond their commitment to guiding me and to helping me pursue and achieve my dreams, they often chip in when I cannot pick up all of the costs involved.


Through your generosity you can help me reach my athletic dreams and goals - and you can take part in my mission to inspire, teach, and empower others. The result will be a "transformed" world!

Any donation amount can help defray a host of expenses including gas, meals, airfare and lodging, race fees, uniforms, coaching, training, and guide recruitment.


Your gift can also make it possible for me to put on workshops and to accept speaking engagement invitations to schools, colleges, community events, and organizations. Together we can educate those around us about how a positive, informed, and open mind, along with the will to try can change the world!


Join me In Motion. Walk, run, ride, swim, roll, garden, farm, read, write, sing, build, paint, photograph, create, play, and in the process transform the world to insure a brighter, sustainable, and more inclusive tomorrow!


To Make A tax-deductable Donation:


Please visit my fundraising page via the United States Association of Blind Athletes. In partnership with USABA, your gift will be applied towards training and competition expenses along my journey to the 2016 Paralympics!

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For all other donations, including apparel, gift cards or training related services you can E-mail me at


Or you can write to:

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