The Runner’s Stop, and My 1st Pair of Spikes!

Picture of Ivonne and Ellen, Runner's Stop Owner.

Picture of Ivonne and Ellen, Runner’s Stop Owner.

September 12, 2014


Today was all about rest and recovery after yesterday’s extremely long day at the hospital.  I went through lots of testing, CT scan, MRI, and consultation with my Oncologist, Dr. Keohan. Fortunately, my Dad, Cristobal (who goes by Cris), and John spent the long day with me keeping me company…


It’s a beautiful day today in Lynbrook, New York.  The sun is out and the temps are pleasantly warm with low humidity.  So we went for a walk around town.  Along the way we had tasty thin crust Pizza for lunch at Angelina’s, and happened to stumble upon a store called The Runner’s Stop!   It’s a small but incredibly well stocked shop with tons of sneakers and spikes!  Yes, I’ve been talking with my running coach, Joaquim Cruz, about trying out spikes for the 1500 meters event!


I’ve never worn spikes before, never even tried them on before because it’s been extremely difficult to find a pair that fits since I have such small feet- I wear a size 5 or 5.5 in street shoes.  Track spikes need to fit like a glove, really snug.  So I wasn’t expecting anything at all when we entered the Runner’s Stop.


To my surprise, Patty, the woman who greeted us, was super friendly and super eager to help.  Suddenly John and I were pulling floor models off the shelves, and Patty was checking sizes for me in the stores stock room/area.  In no time, tons of boxes were appearing next to me!  It was so cool to have so many options!


Long story short, after trying on various styles, and mini testing them as John and I ran through the store, I settled on a pair.  I chose a Brooks pair.


As we were paying for my brand new spikes, we also learned that Ellen, the store’s owner, is a Cancer Surviver!  Wow, I thought, what a coincidence…Or was it really a coincidence?  Perhaps not so much a coincidence as a “this was meant to happen; I was meant to stop into this store to find my 1st pair of spikes, and to meet Ellen.  Perhaps meeting Ellen is a sign of hope and encouragement for me, a sign of healing, of life, a sign of what the future holds in store for me too.”


Ellen and Patty are also runners.  This helps a lot when a fellow runner is shopping for shoes, because runners can be very picky looking for “just the right fit”!  This means we can spend a lot of time shopping and trying things on!


I am greatful for having met Patty and Ellen.  Many thanks to them for the awesome tanktop with the store’s logo on it too.  I’ll be sure to take a picture of me wearing it at the Olympic Training Center!  I also can’t wait to let them know how things go with my spikes. It’ll be a dream come true to wear and race in them on my way to Rio!





Runner’s Stop

20 Atlantic Ave, Lynbrook, NY 11563


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