Detoxing Can Be Fun!

DE Face Mask-Ivonne and John_IMG_0031October 10, 2014


Chemo is meant to kill or slow the growth of cancer cells, which grow and reproduce rapidly. However, it also can kill normal, rapidly dividing healthy cells including those in the digestive tract, skin cells, nails, red and white blood cells, those responsible for hair growth, and more. As the healthy normal cells are attacked, one may feel side effects including nauzia, intense fatigue, inability to eat or swallow, both constipation and diarrhea, dizziness, severe itching, rashes, etc.  The Chemo meds are powerful, but they also contain strong chemicals that the body may treat as very foreign and toxic.  This is why people experience such strong side effects from the Chemo meds.  The skin is also our biggest organ, which is why itching, prickling, rashes, and sores tend to be some of the common side effects of Chemotherapy.


I was starting to feel some itching and prickling-like sensations on my face after the 3rd session of Chemo.  So we turned to the ever-powerful (food grade) Diatomaceous Earth for a little detoxing.  John mixed a bit of it up with spring bottled water creating a paste-like cream, and we used it as a facial mask!  We let the mask dry for about 20 minutes before gently rincing it off.


The DE mask worked like magic – the itching and prickling was gone, and my skin felt beautifully soft and smoothe!  It was awesome to get such a relief and to cleanse my skin naturally!


**Diatomaceous Earth – food-grade — is a mineral/powder that 89% Silica.  The human body needs Silica for many natural body functions and for absorption of vitamins and nutrients.  You can learn more about DE at**







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