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Meet Ivonne Mosquera-Schmidt!


I’m a totally blind Runner and Triathlete as well as a Human Resources leader with The Dow Chemical Company.  I see no light, no shadows, no shapes, nothing…Yet I experience the world and energy around me in so many other ways.  Running is my passion, it’s fire for my being, and via my blog I will share with you my journey on this earth.


You are invited to step into my world and learn about my races, training and life experiences on my way to the 2016 Paralympics and beyond!


There’s a ton of information about me throughout the rest of my website as well.  So please visit often!


Ssend me your thoughts and questions too.  E-mail me at!


**Thank you to all of my loved ones, friends, supporters, and sponsors. You give me strength and encouragement to draw upon everyday!**


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