Get Your Rear In Gear

Philadelphia, PA

March 18, 2012


A bit nervous this morning, but definitely excited.  It’s been a while since I’ve run a 5K!  That distance seems so short; you don’t have time to warm up or get into a rhythm like you do during a 10K, a half marathon, or a marathon!  Shanley Rassler Campbell, a new friend and guide in the Philadelphia area, would put me at ease though!


John and I did a nice easy run up to Shanley’s place, and then a nice easy warm-up got us all to the starting line!  The weather was perfect, 48 degrees, a slight wind to keep you cool, shorts were just right!  In honor of Colon Cancer survivors, and colon cancer awareness, we lined up at the start, and a 3-2-1 count followed by a horn sound sent us on our way!


We got off to a great comfortable start along West River Drive.  Soon we were passing the waterfalls and the Water Works, curving right a bit, and over two slight changes in terrain. On a straight away for the most part now, heading to the half way turn-around point.  First mile down, and the pace felt great.  We hit the midway point of the race, and my breathing was still under control!  Now it was time to get around a bit of congestion – runners still on the first leg of the race were spreading out all over the road, and Shanley and I were caught behind a couple of other runners. As the road curved right again, Shanley calmly asked “Can we serge for about 30 seconds?”  I agreed, and onward we went, threading the needle between runners, passing others on our right, and we were off again. Shanley was calm, setting us up at the best angles and in the best line for us to run smoothly.


We would soon pass a couple of volunteers who must not have realized I was a blind runner.  One commented, “I like that strategy!”, probably thinking that we were tethered so we wouldn’t lose each other!  That got a laugh out of both of us.  Soon I could hear the waterfalls again, remembering that the Art Museum sits up on the hill side behind them, and I thought the finish line was close!  It was a little farther than I anticipated though!


As I was thinking about how much more we had to go, Shanley encouraged me to “kick it in”, and just like that it felt like we were off like rabbits!  It worked, we crossed the line in 21 minutes and 19 seconds, finishing in the top 45 runners!

Thanks to Shanley for taking time to guide me, to Patrick (her husband) and Deagon (her 2-year old son) for spectating, and to my husband John for his ongoing support.


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